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ePropertyWatch updates you monthly as to what your home is worth and what homes have come onto the market, gone under contract or sold in your area.

This is the same valuation source that most banks use when making mortgage loans.

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Our clients LOVE this service.  In addition to all the organizational tools you will have access to, you can even customize special email alerts so that you receive the latest listings that you are specifically looking for, as soon as they are added. 

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Single Agent

Rarely do Real Estate agents take the time to talk to you about how they are representing you when you buy or sell a home.  You really should ask.  The differences can be significant.  Just an FYI – most agents represent you as Transaction Brokers.  This may not be how you want to be represented.

Single Agent  

Because we put the customer first, we always have free promotions that are charged at other realty agencies. Our commitment to making your realty experience the best imaginable means that we’ll always give you more than the other guys.  Give us a call if you are interested in buying or selling real estate.