Home Valuation Made Easy

Ever wonder what your home is worth?  Curious about nearby homes that are for sale or recently sold?  What about the value of your home in the next few years?  With ePropertyWatch, you can learn all that and much more.

It’s Easy to get started

  • Simply enroll your address.
  • We will send you monthly emails with what’s going on with your home and the surrounding neighborhood.
  • We never share your information.
  • No one will ever contact you unless you ask.
  • It’s totally Free to our clients.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Note that you can add multiple properties to get information on.

What You Get Each Month

  • Value: This is where you see Core Logic’s automated valuation model or AVM tells you what your home is worth.  This section also shows you comparable sales in your area.  Finally, it shows you the trending value of your home so that you can see what it will be worth in the future and what equity you will have in it.  
  • Details: This is all the tax assessors information formatted in an easy to understand format.  It also shows the history of the home that includes what it sold for and any permits that were issued.
  • Neighborhood: This shows you what is going on around you in a map format.  You can click on the colored dots and it will show you what is for sale, sold, foreclosed on, up for auction and rentals.  You can move the map around to see other neighborhoods also.
  • Home Services: ePropertyWatch has partnered with HomeAdvisor to give you monthly tips on how to increase the value of your home.

Home Valuation

What is ePropteryWatch?

They are a giant real estate information company, Core Logic.  They pull data from over 3,000 counties nationwide to gather public information.  Core Logic works with the biggest banks to help them in home valuation so they can make mortgage loan decisions.  They are the industry’s gold standard in digital valuations.  We’ve partnered with them so that you can have access to this information at no cost to you.

It’s About You

ePropertyWatch delivers information about YOUR home and neighborhood straight to your inbox. Not some dry, dull report about your town – it’s tailored just for you.

Your Home’s Value

Your home is probably your most important asset and its value is constantly changing. With ePropertyWatch, you’ll keep your finger on the pulse of what the market is doing and where you stand!

Forecasting Equity

Part of the public record shows mortgage amounts.  Why is that important?  This allows ePropertyWatch to show you the difference between your home’s value and what you owe.  That spread is your equity.  Using their forecasting models you can see how your equity will grow over time.  It can help you decide when you might want to sell so you can buy that dream home you’ve had your eye on or cash out and downsize.

Your Neighbors

With ePropertyWatch, you’ll know exactly what is happening around you. From sales to rentals to foreclosures – you’ll see what is going on in the housing market.

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If you want more detail from a Full Market Valuation that goes beyond a CMA

Full Valuation