Increased Exposure

Real Estate Made Easy

Internet Marketing is critical to selling your home today.  Surveys of buyers show that 92% use the internet to search for a home.

almost 60% On mobile or tablet

The days of putting a sign out and hopping your home sells are over.  You must be able to get your home listed so that it can be found on the internet in the format your buyer want.

over 5.51 million residential sales

The value of the online experience takes on a whole new meaning. This trend is not going away anytime soon. While people still need a human touch to solidify their buying decisions, their information gathering process is now dominated by the digital tools we have all come to rely on.

online ad spending is up 210%

… since 2009.  You need an agent who is technology savvy and will get your home in front of the ‘Right Buyer.’



Maximizing Internet Exposure

How do we do it?

We also place your home on over 60+ national property websites for increased exposure of your listing. They, in turn, distribute to over 500 national and international sites, which means that you get the most online coverage possible.  Combined these sites have over 38 million unique visitors worldwide each and every month.

When you consider that over 60% of Citrus County home buyers are from out of the area, internet marketing is critical to getting your home sold in this market.

We maximize the exposure for your home by automatically sending property information to as many different real estate portals as possible.  Plus, new sites are added all the time!

Best of all, it’s a service that we provide free of charge.  Make sure your home gets the online exposure it deserves, and list with us.

” It is essential that technology is the centerpiece of listing your home.  Sadly, a surprising number of agents do not have a strategy to help you find your buyer online.”