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Citrus County Homes For Sale
Single Agent

Single Agent

Rarely do Real Estate Agents take the time to talk to their clients about how they are represented. Let's look at your options:

No Brokerage

  • Deal Honestly And Fairly
  • Disclose All Known Facts That Materially Affect The Value Of The Home
  • Account For All Funds

Transaction Broker - Additional Duties

  • Use Skill, Care and Diligence
  • Present All Offers In A Timely Manner
  • Limited Confidentiality

Single Agency - Additional Duties

  • Confidentiality – Our office may not reveal to a third party, without your permission, personal or private information that might lessen your bargaining position.
  • Loyalty – Our office is required to place your interest above those of any one else we deal with. This is important in negotiating the most favorable price. We have your sole interest in mind in all negotiations.
  • Obedience – Our office is at all times obligated to act in conformity with your instructions as long as they are legal and relevant to the relationship.
  • Full Disclosure– Our office has a duty to keep you fully informed of all facts that might effect the transaction or the value of the property. Let's say a buyer made an offer of X for your property and told us that they would pay Y – ONLY as a single agent will we be able to tell you about Y.