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What Customers Are Saying

“Greg worked with me to find an affordable owner finance home, no easy feat. He worked until he found me the perfect home that I could afford on a fixed income.”
- Janet D.

“We have both bought and sold real estate with Greg. He is the best negotiators we have ever worked with. One thing we really appreciate is that he was always honest with us. He tells it like it is instead of telling us just what we want to hear. This has saved us tens of thousands of dollars.”
- Ken and Liz C.

What Other Realtors Are Saying

“Greg Younger is a “sponge” for knowledge. He does not, however, soak it up and hold it. He, instead, obtains all he can get, concentrates on it and decides how he can use it to better himself, and those around him.

Greg is a “go to” guy to handle things. He is one of those rare individuals that I refer to as a 1 per-center! He is in the top 1% of the people I consider the most professional and knowledgeable in the industry today.

Greg Younger is who I would hire to help me buy or sell my home, and I encourage you to consider doing the same for yourself.”
- Dennis P.

"Greg Younger has assisted us in selling over 25 homes and the builder I work for has nothing but praise for the job he has done. If you are looking for someone that is hard working, has a high level of integrity and is effective then call Greg. I liked him so much I bought my home from him."
- Karis G.

“As a licensed Real Estate agent in Pennsylvania I was looking for someone to help me and my wife to relocate. We worked with at least a dozen so-called professionals before we contacted Greg Younger. He is the “Best of the Best” in his field, being the most professional and hard working agent that we have experienced. I would recommend the Greg to any buyer or seller with complete confidence.”
- John H.