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Citrus County Homes For Sale
Home Buying Tips

Home Buying Tips

Tip 1: Begin with Financing

Before you begin the process of searching for a home, your first step should be to sit down with a bank or mortgage representative and establish your financial parameters. Knowing how much you can spend can help narrow your search parameters.

Tip 2: Use a Buyer's Agent

For a Real Estate purchase to occur there must be a buyer and a seller. The biggest mistake a buyer can make is to call the seller's agent to purchase a home. Obviously, the agent cannot represent the Buyer's interests fully, while also representing the seller.

You need some one that is going to be 100% representing you. This tip alone can save you thousands of dollars.

Tip 3: Be Loyal

Pick ONE Realtor® and stick with them. Nothing inspires a professional to work hard to find you the perfect home than knowing that you are relying on him or her exclusively.

Tip 4: Use Technology

Even in a down market the best homes go quickly. Being the first to know about them can give you a considearble advantage. I would suggest 2 things. Sign up for My Listing Manager and if you have an I-Phone sign up for I-Phone app on the right hand side of this web page.

Tip 5: Ask Questions

I very much welcome questions. I want to make sure your buying experience is stress free. If you are not sure or are worried about something simply ask.